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Safe Crib Practices – S3 E3

Good sleep gives your little ones the chance to dream and the energy they need to explore the world around them. Today’s episode reviews crib safety reminders to give you peace of mind while your kiddos sleep tight.

Yomaira Castillo sits down with host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez to discuss everything you need to know about crib safety. They talk about everything from creating safe sleep environments to accessing safe cribs and more.

How to Spot Unsafe Toys – S2 E13

In this episode, get the safety tips and shopping advice you need to help you make safe holiday gift-buying decisions for your children.

Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez sits down with Teresa Murray, Consumer Watchdog for Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) and author of the Trouble in Toyland 2022 report, to talk about how to avoid buying counterfeit or recalled toys and how to spot safety hazards in the toy aisle.

Safe Haven Laws – S2 E12

For some parents, pregnancy may come as an unplanned surprise. And not all families find themselves in a position to care for a newborn. However, there are resources available to help expecting parents avoid a crisis situation.

Safe Haven laws allow parents to safely surrender their newborn to a designated Safe Haven provider. For people who find themselves in a position where they are not ready or are unable to care for a baby, this law protects newborns and helps keep them safe until their care can be determined.

Host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez speaks with Heather Burner, the Executive Director of the National Safe Haven Alliance, to learn more about these laws, the impact they have on families, and the resources available to Arizona families.

Household Cleaning Safety Hacks – S2 E11

Cleaning is the gift that keeps on giving because there’s always something more to do. But when you have a baby or toddler in your home, this chore can seem nearly impossible. Add to the equation mop buckets, cleaning chemicals, and other supplies, and before you know it, you could have a safety hazard in the making.

For cleaning hacks and safety tips, host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez visits with Adam Rodriguez, the manager of the Emergency Medical Services for Children Program at the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System at the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Risks of Congenital Syphilis to Babies – S2 E10

Cases of syphilis are on the rise in Arizona, particularly among women and newborn babies. If left untreated, a pregnant person can pass syphilis to their unborn child, which may lead to negative health outcomes. In some cases, syphilis can result in stillbirth or newborn death.

In this episode, learn about the best ways to protect yourself from contracting syphilis, the common symptoms, and testing and treatment options available to you. Host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez is joined by CDC epidemiologist Bree Anderson to explain the best ways to keep parents, and their babies, safe and healthy.


July is the hottest month of the year, which means a lot of time in the pool! And knowing how to keep your kiddos safe while they swim is the best way to ensure that this summer is packed with fun. Swim lessons, life jackets, and physical barriers around pools are just a few of the steps you can take to make swimming an exciting and safe adventure for children.

Host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez speaks with Melissa Sutton, the Vice President of the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona, about how parents can keep pool time safe. Plus, learn how to communicate to your child the importance of pool safety in a way they’ll understand.

At-Home Fire Drills – S2 E5

Are you prepared for a wildfire or house fire? With children in the home, parents should know how to prepare so that everyone can evacuate quickly and safely during an emergency. This episode tells you how to plan ahead to keep your little ones safe in the kitchen, and instructions for planning an at-home fire drill.

Host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez speaks with former firefighter Adam Rodriguez, the manager of the Emergency Medical Services for Children Program at the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System at AZDHS.

Smoke in Carpet Can Make Kids Sick – S2 E4

The environment where our children live, play, and explore can greatly impact their health. Secondhand smoke in the air they breathe can affect a child’s health and wellbeing. But so can thirdhand smoke (yes, that’s a thing!) that lingers in car seats and clothes. Exposure in any form can make kids sick.

Host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez is joined by Philip Carpenter, the Executive Director of Arizonans Concerned About Smoking, to help you understand the health complications it can cause and how to minimize your child’s exposure. Plus, learn about the resources available to parents through the Arizona Smoke Free Living Program.

Toy Safety Guide – S1 E23

The gift-giving season is here! For little ones, receiving a new toy is exciting. But it’s up to us parents to make sure that our children are playing with toys that are safe. That involves reviewing age recommendations, keeping small parts out of reach, and storing “big kid” toys safely away from toddlers and infants.

Emily Samuel of Safe Kids Worldwide joins host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez to walk parents through a toy safety checklist. Find out what to look out for when in the toy aisle, and how to ensure that playtime with toys is both fun and safe.

Traffic Safety Tips for Kids – S1 E21

The weather is finally perfect for playground visits, neighborhood walks, and bike rides. As we are out and about with our kiddos in tow, there’s a lot to know about staying safe outside! From crossing roads while holding your toddler’s hand to walking through a busy parking lot, traffic safety is key. Plus, it’s a great time to teach safety tips to your little ones traveling with you.

Nadji Kirby of Safe Kids Worldwide joins host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez to discuss helpful safety advice for parents of young children. Learn how to safely enjoy your walks, board public transportation, and cross the street with your kids!