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Health Plans for Kids – S3 E2

The health and safety of children is a top priority for families. Enrolling in health insurance makes going to the doctor much more accessible. But it can be difficult to find an insurance plan that meets your little ones’ needs and fits your family budget.

We visit with Mark Schafer, the Program Support Administrator at the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, to discuss the low-cost health program called the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Learn the ins and outs of coverage options and how your family can enroll.

The Role of Dads – Part 3 – S2 E9

Dad figures play an important role not just in their immediate family, but in their broader community, too. Hear how involved dads can enrich the lives of children, help kids make better decisions, and prepare them for success later in life.

Allan Stockellburg speaks with host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez for the third and final part of a three-episode series on fatherhood. He shares research that explains why involved dads are good for communities and families.

The Role of Dads – Part 2 – S2 E8

One of the most important relationships when raising a child is the relationship you have with your co-parent. Any partnership can lead to disagreements on the “right” way to do things but it’s important to recognize that children benefit from learning different approaches to life from both their mom and dad.

Allan Stockellburg rejoins host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez for the second part of a three-episode series on fatherhood. They talk about why communication and understanding between parents are key to building a positive environment for your little one, and the differences between maternal and paternal parenting styles.

The Role of Dads – Part 1 – S2 E7

There’s a reason they say it takes a village to raise a child. And that village usually looks different for every family. Positive role models can help our little ones explore and learn more about themselves and their world. Today, we talk about the role dads play in that exploration and how they can help kids see the world from a new perspective.

Host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez speaks with “Dad Guru” Allan Stockellburg, the executive director of Parent Aid, about fatherhood, what makes a “dad,” and how to embrace and introduce your child to role models who will push them to learn and grow.

Goal-Setting Tips for Parents – S2 E1

A new year brings new goals! But sticking with those goals, especially for busy parents, can be difficult. Between diaper changes and meal prepping, personal time for mom and dad can slip to the backburner. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Olivia DeLong, senior health editor at BabyCenter, and a mom herself, joins the podcast with some time management hacks to help you achieve your 2022 goals. Join host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez as you learn how to write an achievable new year resolution!

Let’s Make Learning Fun! – S1 E24

Toys and games aren’t just for fun and entertainment. They can also help your little ones grow and develop, turning playtime into a learning experience! With thousands of toys available online, knowing simply what kinds of toys are developmentally appropriate isn’t always easy.

That’s where this episode can help! Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez talks with pediatric occupational therapist and toy blogger Keri Wilmot, who offers her tips to help you find toys that fit your child’s developmental needs. She also tells us how playtime and education go hand in hand.

Baby Talk – S1 E3

Let’s talk about talking! Speaking with your baby is key to fostering early literacy and language development.  But for many parents, it might feel awkward or unnatural to talk to your baby.

On this episode, host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez is joined by Kat Willard, Senior Director of Family Support and Literacy at First Things First, who shares creative ways to have intentional conversations with your little one.

From singing songs to telling stories, learn how you can spark meaningful communication with your child. Let’s get talking!