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Healthy Meals for Kids, Season 3, Episode 1

Do you worry if your child is getting enough nutrients? Or maybe you know that your kiddo is supposed to “eat healthy” but don’t exactly know what that means. In this episode, learn how to put together a nutritious meal for your little ones. Plus discover helpful tools you can use to budget and plan meals for the family.

Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez sits down with Alan Brown, the WIC Training Manager at the Arizona Department of Health Services in the Bureau of Nutrition and Physical Activity. Alan shares his knowledge as a registered dietitian to help you build a nutrient-filled meal plan for your family.

Vitamins and Pregnancy Health – S2 E2

Did you know the health of your baby starts long before conception? Vitamins play a major role in reducing the risks of birth defects. Even if you don’t plan to become pregnant, multivitamins with folic acid have numerous health benefits that can help you, and potentially a future baby, live a healthy life.

Susie Leo MPH, RDN from the Power Me A2Z program at the Arizona Department of Health Services helps us understand the vitamins expecting parents should take to ensure a more healthy pregnancy. She explains folic acid and tells us how it can decrease the risk of birth defects. Whether or not you plan to become pregnant, find out how you can receive a free 3 month supply of multivitamins from the Powerpack program.

Picky Eater and Holiday Foods – S1 E22

Holiday foods are often a special treat for adults. But for toddlers, especially picky eaters, convincing them to try new meals can turn the dinner table into a battleground. Do you encourage them to taste new foods? Or do you let them eat their fill of dinner rolls instead?

To answer these questions, host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez consults with Alan Brown, the Women, Infants, and Children’s Training Manager in the Bureau of Nutrition and Physical Activity at Arizona’s Department of Health Services. He shares his tips for making family holiday meals enjoyable. Plus, how to appease the picky eaters in your family.

Time for Table Foods? – S1 E5

Introducing table foods into your baby’s diet can raise many questions for parents. How will you know your baby is ready to transition to solid foods? And how do you monitor for potential allergies?

Host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez is joined by nutrition expert Alan Brown, the Women, Infant, and Children program’s training manager at the Bureau of Nutrition and Physical Activity within Arizona’s Department of Health Services. Together, they tell you how to know when your baby is ready for table foods. Get step-by-step tips to help you introduce solid foods safely, and learn how to spot possible allergies and food sensitivities.