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Safe Haven Laws – S2 E12

For some parents, pregnancy may come as an unplanned surprise. And not all families find themselves in a position to care for a newborn. However, there are resources available to help expecting parents avoid a crisis situation.

Safe Haven laws allow parents to safely surrender their newborn to a designated Safe Haven provider. For people who find themselves in a position where they are not ready or are unable to care for a baby, this law protects newborns and helps keep them safe until their care can be determined.

Host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez speaks with Heather Burner, the Executive Director of the National Safe Haven Alliance, to learn more about these laws, the impact they have on families, and the resources available to Arizona families.

All About Childhood Vaccines – S1 E20

We roll up our sleeves on this episode to talk about all things vaccines! From infancy to childhood, your family doctor or pediatrician will recommend a schedule of vaccines to keep your kids healthy and protected from serious illnesses. Plus, vaccines allow them to play with friends and attend daycare and school safely!

Retired pediatrician and Board President of The Arizona Partnership for Immunization (TAPI) Dr. Andrea Houfek joins host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez to tell parents what to expect with childhood vaccinations. Learn about the recommended vaccine schedule, what diseases are covered, and why vaccines are a key part of your child’s healthcare.

Early Intervention for Autism – S1 E14

Do you know the signs of autism? Early intervention for children with autism is important to a child’s developmental growth and wellbeing. Catching those signs early could help a child get the individualized care needed to develop properly.

Christopher Smith, Ph.D. chief science officer at the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center, joins host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez to explain the importance of early detection and the signs of autism parents should watch for in their young children.

Call 602.218.8204 or email [email protected] to schedule a screening.

It’s Tummy Time! – S1 E12

Tummy time is the best exercise for growing babies. It helps them develop important motor skills and build up muscle strength so they can progress to rolling, crawling, and walking. But exercise isn’t always fun, and an upset baby can make tummy time a difficult activity.

On this episode, we offer tips to make tummy time fun for your little one. Rebecca Parlakian, Senior Director of Programs at ZERO TO THREE joins host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez to help you learn how to incorporate tummy time into your busy schedule.

Newborn Screenings: What to Expect – S1 E4

When it comes to your baby’s health, being proactive is key! That’s why newborn screenings are so important for identifying serious medical conditions early on. But what specific conditions are doctors looking for during newborn screenings? And what should first-time moms expect?

Host Jessica Stewart-Gonzales takes her audience through the newborn screening process step by step with Fran Altmaier, case management coordinator for the Office of Newborn Screening-Follow up at the Arizona Department of Health Services. From the first heel prick test to understanding the final results, learn how newborn screenings contribute to your baby’s health and wellness.

Breastfeeding? Answers! – S1 E1

Being a mom is tough, fun, and important. For many women, motherhood is also their favorite job!

On this first episode of The Parenting Brief, host, expert, and mom Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez gets some good advice for breastfeeding moms from Anne Whitmire, WIC Breastfeeding and Training Administrator at the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The Parenting Brief is delivered fresh and free to your mobile device every other Wednesday. On each episode, Jessica will share with listeners useful tips to help them care for their young children, ages 0-5.

Like parenting, it promises to be a blast!