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Checking Baby’s Hearing – S3 E9

Infant Sensory Screenings measure a newborn’s hearing and seeing. When hearing loss is detected early on, families can start exploring interventions sooner to support their little ones as they grow up.

Jessica chats with Morgan Scadden, Sensory Screening Program Manager with the Arizona Department of Health Services, about the screening process and why it’s important to take the screening seriously.

Gestational Diabetes: Serious but Treatable – S3 E5

Gestational diabetes occurs when your body can’t make enough insulin during your pregnancy. It can be scary for many folks but the good news is – the condition is treatable and often goes away after pregnancy.

Jessica speaks with Raquelle Weight, a Staff Development Specialist at the Arizona Department of Health Services in the Bureau of Nutrition and Physical Activity, to explain how this condition can affect your pregnancy and ways to prevent it from developing.

How to Navigate the Medical System – S3 E4

Routine doctor appointments are important to make sure your kiddo grows up healthy, but navigating the medical system can be overwhelming. This episode explains how often to expect a doctor’s visit, how to find the right provider for your family, and what you should know about telehealth pediatrician check-ups.

Jessica speaks with Dr. Miran Song, an Arizona pediatrician and a board member of the Arizona chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, about what parents should expect when searching for a healthcare provider for their little one.

Risks of Congenital Syphilis to Babies – S2 E10

Cases of syphilis are on the rise in Arizona, particularly among women and newborn babies. If left untreated, a pregnant person can pass syphilis to their unborn child, which may lead to negative health outcomes. In some cases, syphilis can result in stillbirth or newborn death.

In this episode, learn about the best ways to protect yourself from contracting syphilis, the common symptoms, and testing and treatment options available to you. Host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez is joined by CDC epidemiologist Bree Anderson to explain the best ways to keep parents, and their babies, safe and healthy.

Smoke in Carpet Can Make Kids Sick – S2 E4

The environment where our children live, play, and explore can greatly impact their health. Secondhand smoke in the air they breathe can affect a child’s health and wellbeing. But so can thirdhand smoke (yes, that’s a thing!) that lingers in car seats and clothes. Exposure in any form can make kids sick.

Host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez is joined by Philip Carpenter, the Executive Director of Arizonans Concerned About Smoking, to help you understand the health complications it can cause and how to minimize your child’s exposure. Plus, learn about the resources available to parents through the Arizona Smoke Free Living Program.

Achoo! Seasonal Allergy Advice – S2 E3

Allergy season is here, signaling the return of runny noses, sneezing, and other uncomfortable allergy symptoms. If your child experiences these symptoms, don’t worry! We have tips for you on how to understand, treat, and overcome your child’s stubborn seasonal allergies.

Dr. Dave Stukus is pediatrician who specializes in allergies, and he joins this episode to explain the difference between allergies and a cold, how parents can keep pollen and allergens out of their homes and debunks the common “eat local honey” myth.

Well Child Visits – S1 E19

Doctor’s appointments aren’t just for sick children. So think again before putting off your kiddo’s routine well child visit!

Pediatrician Dr. Jason Vargas joins host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez to share what doctors look for during these yearly exams (beyond just height and weight), why they’re important for catching health concerns early, and the questions parents should ask during these appointments.

Health Disparities and Stillbirth – S1 E17

Health disparities put Black mothers at a higher risk of stillbirth and other pregnancy complications. Because of this, moms need to know how to advocate for themselves in the doctor’s office. And they need to know how to spot the signs of stillbirth that are critical for their health and that of their unborn baby.

On this episode, we continue our conversation about stillbirth prevention with Stephaney Moody, Health Equity Coordinator at Healthy Birth Day. She talks with host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez about the health disparities facing Black mothers, how those inequities impact stillbirth rates, and ways that mothers can advocate for themselves throughout their pregnancy journey.

Back to School Hearing and Vision Screenings – S1 E15

It’s back to school time in Arizona! If you have children in preschool or kindergarten, one of the many things you’ll get information about is hearing and vision screenings. The free sensory screenings will help alert you to issues and prepare a healthcare and education plan to help your child succeed.

Ashley Neves, Sensory Screening Program Manager at the Arizona Department of Health Services, joins host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez to explain everything you need to know about these important screenings.

Early Intervention for Autism – S1 E14

Do you know the signs of autism? Early intervention for children with autism is important to a child’s developmental growth and wellbeing. Catching those signs early could help a child get the individualized care needed to develop properly.

Christopher Smith, Ph.D. chief science officer at the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center, joins host Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez to explain the importance of early detection and the signs of autism parents should watch for in their young children.

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