What home visiting programs are available in my area?

There are home visiting services offered by Strong Families AZ throughout the state of Arizona. Find out what programs are available for you.

What are the benefits of home visiting services?

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs there is. Home visiting supports expecting parents and families with young children in many ways. Home Visiting provides participants with one-on-one parent education that covers topics such as child development; health and nutrition; early learning and literacy; support for parents to reach their individual goals; and so much more. Visits also include in-home assessments on child development and postpartum health to identify any challenges and ensure you are connected with resources and support if needed. Everything is designed to support you in becoming the most confident parent you can be. (Source: www.azdhs.gov/phs/owch/children/homevisiting.htm)

How can I sign up for home visiting services?

Check out the Program Finder to see what programs may be available in your area.

How do I know if I’m eligible for home visiting services?

Program leaders can work with you to help you better understand eligibility requirements. Strong Families AZ offers programs for first-time mothers, fathers, single parents, and families with young children. Learn more about programs you may qualify for and connect with a program leader today.

Who are the home visitors that will come to my house?

Home visitors are highly trained, experienced, and supportive. Each home visiting program hires home visitors that meet their individual requirements including education, licenses, background checks and that all hired staff complete any required training. Learn more about our home visitors. (Source: Home Visiting State Plan June 2010)

Does it cost anything to sign up for a home visiting service?

Signing up for home visiting services is voluntary and free for your family. Click here to find out what programs are available for you.