What Makes Supervision Work?

A research project led by co-chairs Heather Weiss (Harvard University), Debra Daro (Chapin Hall-University of Chicago) and Barbara Wasik (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) utilized focus groups of Home Visiting supervisors to gather information on what contributes to successful supervision.  What Makes Supervision Work?: Recommendation from the Home Visiting Field summarizes the research regarding participants’ experiences with supervising home visitors.  Responses were grouped into eight categories:

  • supportive management
  • training and professional development
  • coherent program design
  • community linkages
  • structure and communication
  • salary and compensation
  • facilities, equipment and administrative support

The research found that the needs of Home Visitors are similar.  Home Visitors’ needs include:

  • supportive work environment where they feel guided
  • recognition, trust and support around issues of safety
  • opportunities for professional growth and development
  • structure and regular communication with their supervisor
  • access to mental health services for themselves and their families
  • evaluation of program implementation to build upon the strengths of the program and grow professionally.

The research is available on the Strong Families AZ Home Visitor portal under the Resources tab.  Look for a new category of resources-Supervision.